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LOFTY is a social network designed

to build connections, better your brand,

and bring in more business.

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Step Up Your Social

Media Game

Connect your social profiles to LOFTY

Share listings or advertise yourself all from just one app!

Automate post scheduling for your social media accounts!

Be The Expert to Strengthen Your Brand

Post selected real estate content to your network and be an expert

Provide rich templates (like Open House Templates) for you to attract potential clients and brand yourself

Sync your posts to Facebook, Twitter to showcase your professional expertise

Market Your Listings

and Get Referrals

Instantly post listings to groups of agents you trust to

generate referral business

Chat with agents upon referral directly in app

Auto-generate beautiful listing landing pages and sync them

to Facebook and Twitter

Your Network is Your Networth

Search for and connect with top agents

Find potential connections by name, city, company,

sales volume, etc.

Show off your expertise and contact info via profile

Learn from the Best of

the Industry

Get answers on real estate questions that are bothering you Learn from super agents and gurus with years of experiences Showcase your knowledge and get involved in meaningful discussions

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